Adelaide Oncology & Haematology is pleased to offer their patients RESTORE, the first cancer wellness programme of its kind in Australia.

RESTORE Workshops for 2022

21st May 2022

20th August 2022

19th November 2022

Call our Reception on 8463 2500 to book your place.

Restore aims to introduce patients to high quality supportive care services and comprises:

  • Complimentary educational workshops
  • Complimentary acupuncture, massage and reflexology in the chemotherapy day centres at Kimberley House and Calvary Central Districts Hospital

Being diagnosed with cancer

A diagnosis of cancer can be an overwhelming time. Your health, confidence, relationships and ability to work may all be challenged. Many people describe a loss of control over their lives. By addressing your knowledge of diet, physical exercise and psychological health the RESTORE program aims to give back some of this control.

Supportive care is not a substitute for mainstream medical treatment. However, when used with medical treatment there is strong evidence to show that good supportive care can help improve:

  • psychological health
  • disease symptoms
  • treatment side effects
  • quality of life
  • body image and relationships
  • survival

Combining the discipline of modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing is now seen as best practice in the US and UK.

This section of our site outlines the full range of supportive care services available. Supportive care services are given to improve the quality of life of patients who have a serious or life-threatening disease. These services are available to you and your family at any stage throughout your journey, regardless of workshop attendance.

Restore Workshops

Throughout the year Adelaide Oncology & Haematology will be holding one day workshops covering supportive care services and topics that our patients have highlighted as being vital to managing their disease, treatment, recovery and life with cancer.

The workshops ensure patients and their family access to accurate and appropriate information on the following topics:

Psychological Care:

  • Psychology
  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • Spirituality

Physical Care

  • Nutrition and Cancer
  • Importance of exercise
  • Restorative therapies – massage, reflexology, acupuncture
  • Sexual Health

Practical Information

  • Financial and Estate planning
  • Navigating Centrelink
  • Community Resources

In addition the workshops allow patients an informal opportunity to share their experiences with others over coffee/tea or lunch.