At Adelaide Oncology & Haematology, we pride ourselves on being trusted to deliver comprehensive, compassionate and expert care for every step of your journey.

About Adelaide Oncology & Haematology

Adelaide Oncology Haematology (formerly known as North Adelaide Oncology) was established in 2008 with the amalgamation cancer services at Calvary Cancer Centre, Western Oncology and Central Districts Private Hospital. The practice has grown in 2019 to approx 30 doctors and 6 locations, to be one of the largest private oncology & haematology providers in South Australia.

In January 2022, Adelaide Oncology Haematology joined GenesisCare’s international clinical network, offering South Australian cancer patients increased access to world-class integrated cancer care and clinical trials.

Adelaide Oncology & Haematology is led by a group of 10 very experienced and dedicated principals: Dr Vy Broadbridge, Dr Wilfrid Jaksic, Dr Rohit Joshi, Dr Tony Michele, Dr John Miller, Dr Nick Murray, Dr Kevin Patterson, Associate Professor Ken Pittman, Professor Tim Price and Dr Sid Selva-Nayagam.

Adelaide Oncology & Haematology not only have a large team of Medical Oncologists and Haematologists but we also have other specialties on our team that enable us to provide complete care. These other specialties include: Gynaecological Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Clinical Psychology, Sexual Health, Palliative Care and Radiation Oncology.

The Adelaide Oncology & Haematology clinical team have years of experience in the research and management of all cancers. We are committed to actively participating in the latest cancer research to ensure that you receive state of the art treatments. Many of our team are nationally and internationally recognised leaders in their field.

At Adelaide Oncology & Haematology, you will receive a patient-centred approach tailored to your needs and you will be treated with openness and respect.

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