On the day of discharge from hospital, Dr Miller will see you before you leave.

Your medications, medical certificate and appointments will all be organised.

Any arrangements for care at home will be organised, such as community nursing, equipment, Meals on Wheels or Home Care.

Please ensure that you collect all your belongings and any x-rays that you may have brought into hospital with you.

Activities at Home

When you go home you may find that you are quite tired, so you should plan to take things slowly for a few days. You should gradually resume your normal activities over the next few weeks. The following is a list of activities that you should avoid for 6 weeks following your surgery:

  • Heavy lifting
  •  Sweeping or vacuuming
  • Pulling clothes out of the washing machine
  • Hanging clothes on the line
  • Strenuous activity
  • Sexual activity

These activities can be resumed slowly following your post-operative check. It is important to avoid any activities that put strain on your abdominal muscles. It is very important that you undertake some light exercise, such as walking as soon as you return home. This is to prevent you from developing any problems following your surgery.

You will also be given your white TED stockings to wear at home for at least 2 weeks.

Driving should generally be avoided until after your post-operative check.

It is very important to wear a seatbelt whenever you are a passenger in a care. If this is uncomfortable on your wound you can put a towel or pillow between the seatbelt. You should discuss returning to work with the doctor at your post-operative check.