About Dr Jacqui Adams

Dr Jacqui Adams is a Medical Oncologist who consults in private practice in the North of Adelaide.  Jacqui has been Head of the Medical Oncology Unit at the Lyell McEwin Hospital since 2009 and Director of Cancer Services for Country Health, SA since 2010 where she has led the development of 15 country chemotherapy units with telemed consulting sevices.  She has an active interest in teaching, clinical trials and research having completed a PhD in the molecular genetics of bladder cancer with Cancer Research UK in Leeds where she worked as a consultant in Medical Oncology and Cancer Genetics.  Jacqui is involved in many roles for SA Health and the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia.

Jacqui’s clinical focus includes optimising care and outcomes in the management of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer with a particular interest in the genetic aspects of cancer.  She consults at Calvary Central Districts on Tuesdays.